The Backbone Projects: 2016-2023


CRW is implementing an eight-year, $40 million infrastructure improvement plan that is made possible through municipal bonding separate from our normal capital improvements program.  The twelve “Backbone Projects”, once completed, will provide improved pumping, distribution, and storage of water from the CRW treatment plant east to a proposed reservoir on 152nd Avenue, and south across the Carver Bridge to the Redland and Beavercreek pressure zones.

These improvements will greatly enhance provision of fire flows, system pumping efficiencies, and water quality; and will connect the CRW treatment plant and northern distribution system to our south service area customers, which will improve distribution and use of CRW’s available water production.

Preliminary planning and design started in Summer 2015, and the estimated completion of all projects is late 2023.

Costs      MapSchedule      Backbone-Small*schedule updated July 2017