Drinking Water


Water is necessary to all living things. It makes up approximately 70% of the human body’s weight and plays a role in its functions, such as digestion and cooling. Fresh water is one of our most vital resources. Public water systems are relied upon to treat and distribute clean water each day to our homes, schools and businesses. Much of that water comes from rivers, lakes and other surface water sources. Before it is delivered to our homes it is treated to remove chemicals, particulates and potentially harmful bacteria. This clean, potable water is then used for cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing, and other domestic uses.

Clackamas River Water is committed to providing our customers with high quality, safe drinking water by first ensuring that the water we deliver to you meets or surpasses federal Safe Drinking Water Act standards, and secondly, by providing you with the most reliable service possible.

Water is treated at the Clackamas River Water treatment plant. We collect water samples continuously to ensure that the water leaving the plant and in the distribution system meets Oregon Health Authority and EPA standards.

If you have any questions about the quality of your drinking water, please call our Water Quality Department at 503-722-9241.