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School Assembly Programs

CRW’s water conservation assembly program serves elementary schools in the CRW service areas. These schools include: Redland Elementary School, Beavercreek Elementary School, Bilquist Elementary School, Christ the King Catholic School, Cascade Heights Public Charter School, and Whitcomb Elementary School.

This year CRW is offering three exciting and entertaining assemblies to our neighborhood elementary schools free of charge.

1524777_625109477547998_5534121_nWe’ve teamed up with Mad Science to provide the Where’s the Water, Watson? and What do you know about H2O?

Where’s the Water Watson? (K – 2nd Grade) highlights the unique and magical attributes of water using the water cycle as a learning model with music, interactive engagement, visual imagery and repetition to engage young audiences. Highlights of the show include:

  • Get students to think about all the ways we need water and how we use it
  • Introduce the concept of conservation; help them understand how they can help conserve water
  • Introduce the water cycle: H2O – Where does it go? Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection

What do you know about H2O? (K – 2nd Grade) uses science to highlight the unique and magical attributes of water through hands-on activities that encourage kindergarten-2nd graders to do their part to conserve water.


Interested in teaching your students about drinking water treatment?

Contact Suzanne DeLorenzo, PhD, Water Quality Manager to schedule a tour of our water treatment plant!