Board Meeting & Minutes

Listed below are summaries of CRW Board Meetings only. The official record of meeting minutes are audio recordings on CD. For a copy of the CD, please contact the Executive Assistant at 503-722-9226.

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m., at the district offices at 16770 SE 82nd Drive in Clackamas.


 *RegBrdMt = Regular Board Meeting | *SpBrdMt = Special Board Meeting | *BudCommMt = Budget Committee Meeting | *CRWSC_Mt = Clackamas Regional Water Supply Commission Meeting


Date              Meeting Type                Agenda                          Video           Minutes

01.19.2017          RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet            Video               Minutes

02.09.2017          RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet            Video               Minutes

03.09.2017          RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet            Video               Minutes

04.13.2017          RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet            Video               Minutes

05.11.2017          RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet            Video               Minutes

06.05.2017           CRWSC                      Agenda                                         N/A                  Pending

06.08.17              RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet             Video               Minutes

06.27.17              SpBrdMt                    Agenda & Board Packet             N/A                   Minutes

07.13.17              RegBrdMt                  Agenda & Board Packet             Video               Minutes